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The Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project


Which is a Community Project bringing together the individuals, schools, communities and the staff of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda and the Queen Elizabeth Country Park in Hampshire, England.


It is a project of cultural exchange and mutual support that focuses on conservation by working closely with and empowering local communities and supporting education initiatives. It also promotes the exchange of ideas and best practice between the staff of the two Queen Elizabeth Parks.

How the Project was born


The idea of 'Twinning the Queen Elizabeth Parks' came about when Rangers Charles Etoru from QENP and Steve Peach from QECP met whilst attending an International Ranger Federation Congress in Kruger National Park, South Africa.


Finding out that they were both presenting displays about Queen Elizabeth Parks, a friendship was made and the idea of 'Twinning the Parks' and 'Connecting Communities and Wildlife' was born

What we do


The Queen Elizabeth Parks Twinning Project is a Community Conservation Project that works in 3 key areas, with Schools, the Local Community and Park Staff.


The Project supports 'twinning' and cultural exchanges between schools that share a close proximity to the Queen Elizabeth Parks. The Project also encourages it's Twinned Schools to get involved in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability Projects. (Click on the schools tab to find out more)


Through engaging with and empowering local communities the Twinning Project hopes to encourage more people to see the value in the conservation of wildlife and the local environment. (Click on the Community Tab to find our more)


A key part of the Project is involvement and mutual support of the Rangers and other staff who protect both Queen Elizabeth Parks. It is their participation that makes this such a special project. (Click on the Conservation tab to find out more)

Latest News

The GeoMission Uganda Project launches its Crowd Funding Bid This Monday. Keep Checking this website for more details


The Twinning Project works with schools and community groups in Uganda and the UK.

We organise cluster group meetings to assist Schools and Youth Groups involved in

African / UK Partnerships.

We also meet with community groups to foster cultural understanding and mutual support

Contact us for more details.


We have a number of key partners that we have worked with these include


Range Land Safaris


Pan African Conservation and Education


The Gabba Teacher Training College, Kampala


Education Uganda




The International Ranger Federation




The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is run by Nature's Frontline which is a charitable organisation and the QECPVRS Charity Number 1137413. Connecting - Sharing - Supporting Rangers



The Twinning Project supports the work of Rangers involved in Conservation by encouraging the exchange of best practice and information.


We facilitate exchange visits, donate equipment and encouarge personal development.


We also get involved with community groups through supporting eco-tourism ideas and providing training in environmental and sustainability issues.


All of this is achieved through gifts, donations, grants and the efforts of the Volunteers, Staff and visitors / supporters ofboth Queen Elizabeth Parks.

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project


The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is run by Nature's Frontline, a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the role of Rangers and other field staff in connecting people and wildlife