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Rihamu Primary School is still recovering after the recent floods. 

The toilets have finally been drained and one of the classrooms is in the process of being rebuilt. We have also been able to offer some support to those who were displaced by the floods

The Project would like to thank everyone who have donated money, we will try to keep you updated on the progress at the school.

Covid-19 is affecting the Project in a number of ways. We are unable to undertake the fundraising we would normally do at this time of year, but at the same time we are receiving many requests for help from some of our Ugandan colleagues and partners.

This is means we are rapidly running out of funds.

Our Ugandan Rangers have been reporting an increase in poaching due to hardship being suffered by the communities local to the Queen Elizabeth National Park.

The Project has been supporting people where possible, but until Uganda is open for tourist those communities which depend on wildlife tourism will continue to struggle.

If you feel able to help please donate using the button.

Corona Virus Update

Support From TGL

The Thin Green Line Foundation and the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project will be working together to provide Ranger Care Boxes for over 100 Uganda Wildlife Authority Rangers. 


TGL are supplying the funds and the Project do the procurement and delivery of the boxes.

Ranger Care Boxes provide some basic equipment such  Mosquito Nets, Sleeping Bags, First Aid Kits & other items which will make field patrols a bit easier.


You can find out more about the Ranger Care Boxes by visiting Thin Green Line's website.

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