Queen Elizabeth Parks Project

Adam is the overall education leader and trustee. This image shows Adam taking part in a World Ranger Day event

Ronnie is the Project Leader in Uganda. As well as running his own safari business, Ronnie oversees much of the project day to day work in Uganda

Jan is the Chair of our Trustees. Pictured here with a teacher from Katunguru Primary School

Steve is Project Co-founder, Trustee and Leader. She has been involved wildlife conservation for over 40 years.

Ronnie Bwambale

Steve Peach

Adam Stanley

Jan Allnutt

More of the Team 

Karen is a Project Volunteer with a particular interest in promoting Girl Guides and Brownie partnerships.

Stu is a Project Trustee and Volunteer. Very much at home in the outdoors, Stu is always up for an adventure!

Patrick was born in Uganda and knows both QE Parks well, he has a key role as an advisor to the Project

Megzie leads on social media and other media

Stu McIntosh

Megzie Peach

Karen Peach

Patrick Muwanga

Meet some of our team

Shakila Huda



Amy Peach

Geo-tourism Lead

Katunugu Women's Group

Teacher Lead

Teacher Lead