About Us


We work with Park Rangers, Teachers and local communities to further nature conservation, encourage environmental education and meaningful community engagement in Wildlife management.

Our main focus is on two Queen Elizabeth Parks, one in Uganda and one in the UK, but we also partner with others to promote the role of Rangers worldwide.

How we are funded

The Project is funded through public donations, fundraising activities and grants.

As the Project is run by Volunteers are admin costs are kept to minimum so more of the money donated

goes to our frontline projects.You can alsosupport us by  registering at Easy Fundraising and nominating our

project so that everytime you buy on line we benefit.


The Project was started after a chance meeting in South Africa between Charles Etoru a Ranger from Queen Elizabeth National Park and Steve Peach a Ranger at Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

A memoradum of understanding was signed in 2009 and in 2010

The Project became charitable.


'Connecting People and Wildlife'

Our Project has three main themes

Sharing - We believe the exchange of best practice and experience is  vital to good conservation

Connecting - We believe cultural understanding is fundamental to future conservation efforts

Supporting - We believe facilitating mutual support aids both organisational and individual conservation efforts


The following links provide additional information about the project and its partners.