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The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project


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Who We Are

We are a group of Rangers, Park Staff, Teachers and Community Members who have come together in a Project designed to 'Connect People and Wildlife'.

We do this through Wildlife Conservation Projects, Education Activities and Community Engagement

Our main aim is to support Rangers undertaking vital Wildlife Conservation work in Uganda and the UK, with a special focus on two Queen Elizabeth Parks, one in Uganda and the other in the UK.

What We Do 

We work in three theme areas


 Support for Rangers -    Through Best Practice Exchange and Mentoring Activities,                                                              Donating Equipment Training and Wider Support for the families         Of Rangers who have Suffered Hardship

 Education Activities -    Including support for 'Twinning Arrangement's between Ugandan                                                  And UK Schools, Supporting Environmental and Cultural                                            Education Projects and Developing Outreach Projects

Community Support -    Through Support for Eco-tourism Projects and other Activities                                                       That Further Conservation and Improve Community Relationships


How You Can Help - 

 Donate Equipment  -   We are always happy to receive equipment doantions, we need

                                              Digital Cameras, Hand Held GPS, Binoculars, Wildlife Field

                                              Guides, Tents, Mosquito Nets and First Aid Kits for our Ugandan

                                              Ranger Colleagues

 Donate Money         -   We are always happy to receive donations - By donating £3 per

                                             Month you will really be making a difference to Wildlife Conservation

                                             We are also happy to receive one-off Donations - Click Donate Now

Volunteer                  -   Our Project is run by Volunteers all of who offer their time for free. We 

                                            Are currently looking for Volunteers to get involved in our School 

                                            Projects in the UK.


                      For More Information Please Contact info@queenelizabethparks.org 

Meet some of the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project Team and the People we are Helping

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