Engagement is Key!

Project  Co-founder engaging with the local community through the medium of dance!

The women of Katunguru Village run a

number of projects including craft sales, and aids awareness campaign and a dance group


The Project visits community groups both in Uganda and the UK and is keen to engage with people and promote thier role within conservation, cultural exchange and community empowerment.


In Uganda the Project supports the work of the QENP's Community Team and seeks to support those communities involved in ecotourism initiatives, social enterprises and environmental improvements.


Much of the Project's community engagement is focussed upon women's groups and in particular supporting craft souvenir initiatives at Katunguru and also at Kikoringo and Katwe.


The Project is seeking funds to convert a redundant Park building into a training centre so that local people can improve and develop thier skills and start up ecotourism venture by offering lessons in making traditional African crafts to tourists.


The Project is also keen to encourage tourists to use local guides and community trails.

Communities and Conservation

Rangers and Teachers work with the local communities to ensure that people are at the centre of our

 conservation efforts and that they have a voice in the future protection of their wildlife and Parks.

The Project has supported some communities in Uganda through assisting with tourism based craft and other income generation activities

In the UK the Project gives talks and attends local events to promote wildlife conservation, cultural exchange and volunteering.

A Student from Plymouth University is working with the Project to develop a tourism initiative based around the geology of the Albertine Rift Valley