CE Workshop 2018

Community Engagement Workshop 2018

Volunteers from the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project recently led a community engagement workshop

 for Uganda Wildlife Authority Wardens.

The workshop, which was supported by the Thin Green Line Foundation, brought together experienced community engagement staff and key members of some of Uganda's most successful community projects to exchange ideas, share best practice and develop protcols for the future.

The workshop consisted off a series of lectures from community engagement experts, presentations from workshop participants and discussion sessions. There were also visits to local community groups where 'live' issues were explored and debated.

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project will be undertaking follow evaluation work over the coming months. There will also be a series of follow up visits to key National Parks.

A Workshop Report will be available very soon!

The Thin Green Line Foundation provides urgent aid, equipment, training and funding to Rangers and their families in low-income countries and conflict zones. The organisation also works with Indigenous Rangers in Australia and abroad.

Rangers often work for little reward or recognition, risking and regularly losing their lives to protect the world’s wildlife and its fragile ecosystems.

These brave men and women who stand on the frontline of conservation to safeguard our planet urgently need our help. A ranger is killed in the line of duty, on average, every three days – often violently at the hands, machetes and guns of criminal poachers.

Without Rangers we stand to lose so much.

Every day, Park Rangers risk their lives to protect wildlife and wild places from poaching and other threats. Sadly, it’s estimated that over 1,000 park rangers have been killed in the line of duty over the past 10 years – a large percentage of these are due to commercial poachers and armed militia groups. Park Rangers are generally under-equipped, underpaid, and often under-appreciated. We think they are heroes. And we work tirelessly to to provide them with the support they need to continue to protect threatened species around the world.

The International Ranger Federation (IRF) is a non-profit organisation established to raise awareness of and support the critical work that Rangers do in conserving the world’s natural and cultural heritage.

Founded in 1992, the IRF has a membership of 90 Ranger associations from over 50 countries, on six of the seven continents.

The role of the IRF is to empower Rangers by supporting their national or state Ranger organisations, or assisting in the establishment of local Ranger associations in countries where they do not currently exist.

The IRF exists to:

Further the professional standards of Rangers throughout the world.

Advance the aims of the IUCN’s World Conservation Strategy.

Share knowledge and resources.

Establish global communications among Ranger associations and organisations.

Foster professional exchanges between Rangers.

Arrange and conduct regular international Ranger meetings, including a World Ranger Congress every 3 years.

Undertake joint activities to directly support each other’s operations where necessary and feasible.

Work closely with our charity arm, The Thin Green Line Foundation, to train, equip and support Rangers and widows of Rangers killed in the line of duty (MOU 2016).

Represent Rangers’ interests through close co-operation with other international organisations, such as the IUCN/ World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).