The Mweya Nursery School

How You Can Help?

Supporting the families of Rangers is a vital part of any Africa Wildlife Conservation effort. If you are asking Rangers to put their lives on the line in order to protect wildlife, its important that they are confident their families, especially their children are being supported.

You can help by making a donation.

We need to support the employment of the nursery school teacher as well as making basic improvements to the building. This includes purchasing new sheets for the roof, cement and paint to improve the walls and cupboards to keep the few resources they have safety locked away.

Click on the link below to donate.

If 25 people donated £3 per month we could cover the employment costs of the teacher

£10 would see a new roofing sheet installed.

The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is keen to support the Mweya Nursery School, here we explain why.

Mweya is where  the Queen Elizabeth National Park's main tourism facilities are based. It is also home to many Rangers and other Park Staff.

Being very remote area there are few provisions for families.

This lack of provision means that  children are quite often sent away to school and are disadvantaged as they will not have attended any kind of pre-schooling.

The spliting up of families also has a negative impact on the moral of the staff.

In order to improve this situation some of the parents have started their own nursery school using one the Park's redundant buildings.

They all contribute towards the cost of employing a teacher and the educational resources. But this is a struggle, as the staff here are on very low wages and as you can see from the images on this page the building needs much work.

Hence the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is making the support of the Nursery School a priority Project.