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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment can I donate to help Ugandan Rangers


Binoculars, Cameras, Mosquito Nets, Handheld GPS, Torches will all be greatfully received


Do you just work in Uganda?


No we undertake education activities and Ranger support right here in the UK. We also give conservation talks to local community groups and are happy to attend local events. 

Where do you get your funding from?


Our funding comes from public doantions, fundraisinf activities such as The Park to Park Challenge and ocassionally grants.

Who funds the trips to Uganda?

Everyone taking part in trips to Uganda funds themselves


What % of your income goes on Admin?

We currently spend less than 5% of our income on admin related activities

What Volunteer Tasks can I do for the Project?


We are currently looking for volunteers with education experience to help with our school programme in the UK. We are always looking for people to help with fundraising activities and for good speakers to give talks about the work of the Project.


We also have opportunities in Uganda. Please email for more details.

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