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Our work with local communities is a key part of our conservation work.

Alongside Ranger colleagues we support women's groups in Uganda, especially the groups at Katunguru village and the Mweya Womends Group, promote geo & ecotourism initiatives and support local environmental projects.

These communities are at the frontline of conservation and often impacted by wildlife.

We are also looking to build links with LibertyCollege and the LIDEFO Project in Kasese, which will include residnetail volunteering opportunites and we are developing links between UK and Uganda Youth Organisations.

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The Queen Elizabeth Parks Project is supporting the creation of Community Wildlife Scouts.

Community Wildlife Scouts are local people who have been trained to protect their local community from animals such as the elephant and buffalo that sometimes invade farms and eat crops.


The Scouts use clever techniques such as noise and pepper spray, they also record details about the animals involved and work with the Park Rangers to find longer term solutions to the issue of problem animals.


It takes around £50 to train and equip a Community Wildlife Scout which is why the Queen Elizabeth Parks Project has launched a fund raising initative to try and train and equip twenty Community Wildlife Scouts by the end of 2020


Project Team members in the UK are happy to attend local events or group meetings to talk about the Project and also to we can bring along Ugandan made community products  which we sell on behalf of Women's Groups, the income from which supports a variety of activities from support for orphans to relieving poverty.

Please contact the Project if you would like more details.

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